Welcome to On Trac Bobcat Services Ltd.


Myself, Tanya Steenbeek and my husband, Gerry Steenbeek started our company as sole proprietors in September 2009. We had hoped that the Winter would be very snowy and business would start with a bang. Well, it was a slow Winter, not as much snow as we had hoped but the jobs we did get went so well that we started to get referrals. We had started very small with one Skid Steer on tracks and worked very hard to prove we were the most hard-working and reliable guys out there that did amazing work. We both had our full times jobs to ensure we were not financially impacted with such a slow start.

Winter came and went, spring, summer, and fall were lean.

As Winter 2010 approached, things really looked up. We made a couple of great contacts and started our Snow Removal Work in the Commercial and Industrial sectors. It did not take long for the companies we worked with to notice how well the parking lots were graded, how reliable we were and professional we were to deal with.

As Spring came we started to do some work in the Nisku area, doing all the groundwork for companies to start building big shops, building roads, approaches, prepping foundations and bringing in the product as needed.

On Trac Bobcat Services keeps on growing!

Fast forward to today, we are still a relatively small family-owned company that has expanded our equipment and employee base to include multiple skid steers, sanding trucks, sidewalk clearing team and equipment, aggregate sales and many skid steer attachments to tackle almost any project:

  • commercially,
  • industrial or:
  • agriculturally based.

We are very proud of the work we do and look forward to updating you on different projects we complete in the upcoming months!!

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